Keep Me A Space

The first new release in over 7 years and the first single from the forthcoming new album “Godspeed”.  Originally written for a grieving relative, someone for whom, “from one day to the next, something changed and it couldn’t be fixed, couldn’t be brought back,” Keep Me a Space is peak Glasvegas, one of those songs […]


Thundering, swirling study of the false Gods we worship…about the things we believe in, religion, media, idols and Gods…yet what people are looking for is inside themselves already.  Released as a video only single 29th Sept. 2014

Spotify Session

Recorded live at Spotify HQ in Stockholm, this intimate exclusive stripped back session captures the poetic beauty and elegance of the songs of Glasvegas

Secret Truth – EP

A glorious, yearning treatise on romantic regret…about wanting to keep something together but being unable to. Two people; one’s on a sinking ship and one’s on a raft, moving away. A really sad song.

Later…When The TV Turns To Static

A staggeringly emotive 42 minute sojourn through broken relationships and “the mad energy” of the world, a scorching soundscape for the band’s third studio album.

If – EP

A pealing, poetic discourse on life’s cruel dichotomies “If” melds the beauty of life’s peaks and troughs…’if not for rain, the sun would never split the skies again’

I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)

This gorgeous, simple, devastating single conveys beautifully the raw understated power of Glasvegas.  This was the band’s first ever release on their own label Go Wow Records.


The band’s sophomore album and their final release on Columbia Records.  Written & tracked in Santa Monica, California with final recording taking place in London & Glasgow the album was produced by Flood & James Allan and released in April 2011 to critical acclaim!

The Obaren Sessions

Rare Acoustic Session recorded live at Obaren, Stockholm in early 2009 capturing the quiet understated power of the songs of Glasvegas.

A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

This limited edition standalone six track Christmas EP was recorded in Transylvania in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains.  It was released in December 2008, a mere three months after their stunning debut album to positive reviews.

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